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What is Fatiguefit?

Fatiguefit is the simple workplace fatigue risk solution.


Fatiguefit combines 30 years of fatigue and sleep research with a specialist global digital team and is delivered all online. Fatiguefit’s customisable tools enable you to build your fatigue risk management solution from the ground up or enhance and grow it as and when you need to. This ensures the best outcome for your business.


Whether it’s implementing a fatigue management policy or a fatigue management training solution you’re looking for, Fatiguefit is a customisable tool that is targeted to your needs and simple to implement.

Who we are...

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

At Fatiguefit we like to challenge the perception that fatigue risk management is expensive, complicated and inefficient. Why? Because it doesn’t have to be.


As experts in the management of fatigue, exploring new and innovative ways to do just that and sharing them with our clients excites us! We believe that if it’s backed by science and experience – and we have plenty of both – it’s okay to throw out the old and bring in the new.


Guiding businesses so they’re alert when it comes to managing the risks of fatigue in their workplace, our solution is simple, cost effective and saves lives!


Michael Brazytis

Mike is a 36 year veteran of the railroad industry, including 10 years as the General Director Crew Management for Union Pacific Railroad. His experience includes senior roles in Dispatch and Transportation as well as 10 years in Engineering/Maintenance of Way.

Fatigue risk management has been a career passion for Mike and that is reflected in the influential role he has played at the forefront of the industry’s approach including:

  • Working with the FRA to develop and implement Electronic Hours of Service which were used in the development of the Hours of Service rules in the 2008 Rail SafetyImprovement Act

  • Representing the Union Pacific Railroad at the Rail Safety Advisory Committee for the2008 Rail Safety Improvement Act

  • Working with Prof. Drew Dawson and Dr Denny Holland in developing the Fatigue Risk Management Plan for Union Pacific Railroad

  • Implementing the use of Fatigue Analysis InterDyne (FAID) in conjunction withInterDynamics on the Union Pacific Railroad

Drew Dawson.JPG

Professor Drew Dawson

Drew Dawson is an internationally recognised authority on shift work and fatigue with over 200 international peer reviewed publications over 30 years.

He has published extensively on fatigue risk management in real-world settings and has pioneered risk-based approaches to fatigue management based on ISO31000. Drew was the founding Director of the Appleton Institute in Australia, globally recognised for its work in shift work and fatigue risk management. He was made an Honorary Fellow of the Australian Institute of Health and Safety for his work in reducing fatigue-related accidents.


In North America, he has been a scientific policy advisor for regulators including:

  • the FRA

  • the FMCSA

  • Railroad Association of Canada

  • SafeWork BC in Canada

In Australia, Drew has been a fatigue subject matter expert for many government agencies including:

  • the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator since 2008.

  • The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator since 2001

  • The Civil Aviation Safety Authority since 1997-2006

  • SafeWork Australia 2014-8

He has provided consultancy services to most of the Class 1 railroads in the US and Canada, and all of those in Australia.


Drew’s research and IP underpinned the development of the original FAID software suite and the Fatiguefit product suite.


Steven Perlen

Steven has spent the last 20 years helping asset intense industries achieve their business improvement and financial return objectives from their technology investments. Throughout his career, he has developed innovative solutions to build capability, grow sustainably and deliver on strategic intent. His focus is to help businesses build a prosperous and inclusive society that leaves a positive legacy for future generations.

Steven began in Forestry and Land Management and after a decade working in both Australia and Canada, he completed his MBA and made a major career change.


Moving industries, Steven joined Australia’s largest cash logistics provider as their Productivity Improvement Manager where he was responsible for analysis, identification, and implementation of process improvements across all aspects of operations.


Since then, he has worked in a diverse range of industries including transport and logistics, energy and utilities, mining, oil & gas, healthcare and emergency services. Prior to joining Fatiguefit has was a Director with global consulting firm PwC.

Your simple solution to fatigue risk management.


Why choose Fatiguefit?

Crane lifting on construction site

Managing fatigue in your workplace doesn’t need to be a complex process. It shouldn’t take up all your time or complicate it. Fatiguefit empowers you to ensure your teams are safe and that you’re legally compliant, positioning your business as a safe place to work. 

There are many experts out there who can tell you how it’s done. But expensive specialist fatigue consultants don’t do your day job – you do. At Fatiguefit, we want to share with you a better way to manage fatigue that you can easily implement and maintain.

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Fatiguefit is ISO27001 Certified.


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