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Your Online Workplace Fatigue Risk Management and Compliance Solution

Fatigue management in the workplace can seem overwhelming, inefficient and expensive. But it doesn’t have to be!

Plus, we’ve done all the tricky bits for you. Simply complete our guided assessment to quickly identify your company’s gaps and receive a personalised Fatigue Risk Management (FRM) Compliance Report. Then choose from our easy-to-use resources to reduce your risk.

Healthcare Workers

At Fatiguefit, we understand that fatigue prevention in the workplace isn’t always possible, specifically in industries like trucking, mining and healthcare.

That’s why we’ve developed a simple fit-for-purpose fatigue management solution that can meet your business needs.

Fatiguefit is the digital solution that empowers your organisation to manage your workplace health, safety, legal and regulatory obligations for fatigue.

Online Fatigue Risk Management Tool

Fatiguefit is the expert solution for managing fatigue risk, and it’s all online. We combine 30 years of fatigue and sleep research and a specialist global digital team to deliver simple and highly-effective tools, at a lower cost.

Land Mining

Reduce the Risk of Fatigue in your Workplace

Using an innovative fatigue management assessment and a personalised report to guide the solution, Fatiguefit can help you identify the tools you need to keep you and your employees alert to the legal, health and safety risks of fatigue in your workplace.

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Fatigue Management Policy and Training

Managing workplace fatigue the traditional way can be a complex and expensive process.
Whether it’s a fatigue management program, fatigue management training or even a fatigue management policy, our tools are accessible and simple to use, at a lower cost.

An easy way to manage workplace fatigue

If it’s backed by science and experience – and we have plenty of both – we believe it’s ok to throw out the old expensive way of managing fatigue in the workplace to make way for innovative easy-to-use tools.

Fatiguefit can help by:


Providing assurance that your teams are safe and that you’re legally compliant


Enabling you to actively manage fatigue which will empower you and your business, taking up less of your time and resources. You shouldn’t have to be the fatigue expert!


Offering you a fit-for-purpose option for managing fatigue that is easy to implement.

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Construction Managers

Do you know if you’re one of the 85% of businesses that are not meeting their minimum regulatory WHS/OHS requirements?


Don’t lose sleep over it. Get a personalised Fatigue Risk Management Compliance Report to find out if you have a safe and compliant workplace! Fatiguefit is an innovative way to manage fatigue risk and save lives.

Be compliant to protect your team

We will get back to you soon!

Want to know more about how Fatiguefit can help you become fatigue risk management compliant and keep your team working safely whilst fatigued? Get started by filling in the information below now.

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